Protection of MAB submarine pipelines (KNPC): (2008)

Protection of MAB submarine pipelines (KNPC): (2008)

– Through all project planning. (method of dumping, quantities, timing, organization)
– Pre survey on submarine pipelines at Mina Abdullah Refinery – KNPC Sea Island, the length was 1000m for six pipelines 21m width.
– Underwater Ultrasonic thickness survey using Cygnus1.
– Underwater repair on cemented pipelines using Intezone101 Coating (Epoxy) on 89 points with various sizes.
– Underwater guiding of rock dumping process (to cover exposed submarine pipelines (of MAB refinery).
– Underwater rock leveling for the dumped area.
– Post survey of submarine pipelines for the same area.
– MAB Sea Island Cathodic Protection repair (reconnecting the cables using clamps; designing, fabrication and installation).
– Project was completed successfully before the planned deadline.