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Our diving systems include:
• Air     (Surface Supply, Scuba- Set)
• Mixed Gas (On Request)
Our divers can carry out a wide range of underwater skills to enable the most demanding projects to be completed safely, economically, on time and with full satisfaction to our valuable Clients.

A wide range of underwater diving gears, hydraulic and pneumatic tools, under water closed circuit television systems, handy digital still cameras and NDT equipments all with high quality standard and are maintained in the company to meet vendors recommendation.



The present services include:


(Civil Construction, Mechanical maintenance, ship & Marine Services)



1.    Search, Recovery & Marine Salvage
   Recovery of Anchors, Boats, Equipments …etc
 2.    Inspection
    Periodical  structure inspection programs
    Subsea Pipelines / and their Layout
    Hull inspection
    Platform inspection


 3.    Surveys & Measurements
    Surveys to underwater elements of structures such a seabed, docks, piers etc.


 4.    Confined Space Work
 4.    Confined Space Work

5.    Wet Welding & Cutting
    Wet burning & welding (Broco)


 6.    Cathodic protection system (Welding – Installation – Inspection)
    One of our regular maintenance tasks involves replacing sacrificial anodes on jetties, wharfs and lock gate structures to ensure full protection of the structure is maintained.


7.    Video and photographic surveys (can be carried out with any of the listed services)
    Still photography


     Close circuit television video system (CCTV), enclosing a hand held/ (Head mounted) light

& cameras, also it comes with a video/audio recording system (where the underwater jobs can

be recorded on DVD or to VHS cassette). The video system is  operated by a Colored topside

monitor to enable the surveyor to analyze the underwater survey from the top. He can

communicate via the diving supervisor to the divers through the radio to direct

the camera to areas    he wants to observe and record.


8.    Pier & Jetty Servicing
    debris & Marine growth clearance,
    Air lifting
    Grouting and U/W coating.


9.    Non Destructive Testing,
    Using Cygnus Ultrasonic thickness gauging, inspection and reporting.


10.    Hull and Propeller cleaning
    JW Co. can offer complete underwater cleaning services to ensure your Hull is in peak condition below the waterline with a resulting reduction in fuel consumption. (at anchorage or at birth)


11.    General Mechanical Servicing
    Subsea assembling  / disassembling
    Pipeline installation support, Gland packing
    Regular maintenance of subsea pipe lines, strainers etc.
    Installation of retro wraps at splash zone areas on piles of piers.
    Underwater Coating Applications



Engineering services
For in-house engineering, design and report writing The JW uses advanced computer programs such as ProEngineer,

AutoCAD, Office and presentation software’s. JW can provide the clients with their special requirements.
Feel free to contact us at any time to discuss your individual requirements.